Five restaurants you should try in Buenos Aires

Five restaurants you should try in Buenos Aires.

This post about the five restaurants you should try in Buenos Aires, is a way to give advice to my friends all over the world about a lot of things to do an to share here in Buenos Aires, specially to those who joined us and those who don´t.

Sunset in el Puente de la Mujer, Puerto Madero - CABA - Restaurants Zone in Buenos Aires

As everybody know, Argentina is well know all around the world for the meat and the wines, so… Let’s go for a good steak and a glass of red starting the list at Gran Parrilla del Plata at Chile Street Nº 594.

This barbecue restaurant is placed in the neighborhood of San Telmo, it was an old butcher shop, so you can see the decoration with a lot of old stuff and some pictures about the former shop.

This is one of my favorites places to go for a nice steak with a great glass of Malbec, and also is very recommendable because the plates are really big, so you can share the meat and also order some other thing, like the traditional “empanadas” which is one of the most popular meat around the country, and here you can order one of this as an appetizer, especially a meat fried one, meanwhile you wait for the meat.

To change the menu an go for a really nice vegetarian place, I think that the best option is Hierba Buena, which is a naturist restaurant placed in the neighborhood of San Telmo, at the gastronomic center in Avenida Caseros Nº 454 (between Defensa and Bolivar Street).

In this location, you can find a lot of fine restaurants concentrated in one square, nearby Parque Lezama, wich was the house of the Lezama family, and nowadays you can find, at Casero´s Avenue and Defensa street, the “National Historical Museum” placed at Defensa Street Nº 1652.

A really good option, is to go for a walk by Defensa Street, wich is the most well know street of San Telmo. You can start at Plaza de Mayo (cause there is the Terminal of several underground lines and also there is a public transportation which pass by) so meanwhile you go for a walk towards Avenida Caseros by Defensa Street, you can bump with a lot of shops, antiques stores, cafes, bars, until you reach the “National Historical Museum” (if you go on Wednesday the entrance is free) or turning right you reach the gastronomic center, with a lot of option.

About Hierba Buena, is good to know that there is a restaurant and at the side, you can find the take and go store, with a lot of delicious thing.

Also, the pizza is very popular, as much as a beer to join the delicious food. Here I have two suggestions… The most popular one just placed in the heart of downtown which is Guerrin, and the other one is La Percanta, more like a gourmet pizza, and is placed in the new and fancy neighborhood of Puerto Madero.

Guerrin is a classical pizza place that you can find at Av. Corrientes Nº 1368, the speciality is the mold pizza (thick and crocant). They prepare about 80 kind of the pizzas everyday, at every time under the supervision of the master pizza chef, so as many people do, you can eat stand as a fast food, or if you prefer you can take a sit at the well decorates salons with a lot of pizza history hanging on the walls.

I do like both possibilities of take a portion of pizza and go, or also to take a seat and enjoy a pizza, in both cases, I used to choose the “Special Pizza” with tomato sauce, ham, a delicious baked bell pepper, a lot of green olives, and also huge amounts of mozzarella.

There´s only one place and they don’t deliver the pizza, but don´t worry because the traditional shop is placed in the main center of Buenos Aires, just two and a half block from the Obelisk in the middle of Corrientes Avenue and the well know “Avenida 9 de Julio” wich is widest avenue in the world.

The next restaurant, that I like so much is called isLa Percanta, more like a gourmet pizza, and is placed in the new and fancy neighborhood of Puerto Madero at Aimé Painé Nº 1607.

Another restaurant that I love, is Campo dei Fiori, which is in my opinion one of the best places to go for an excellent plate of pasta for a reasonable price, placed at Venezuela Nº 1401 in the neighborhood of Montserrat

The procedure starts at the saloon when you can see throug a glass the chef preparing smashing, and shaping al kind of lovely Italian pasta.

You can order any kind of pasta, from spaghetti, gnocchi, lasagna, ravioli to sorrentinos… I recommend all of them, because everything is tip top… and if you wanna go for something new, I recommend the caramels which are an exquisite filled pasta with the shape of the candies.

The next steep is to choose e perfect sauce for your pasta… You can order just from something simple like butter or filetto sauce to more elaborated ones like  Scarparo sauce (which is a great combination of tomato sauce, jam and cream) or my favorite one which is the Panna e Fungi sauce which is a tasty cream sauce with fresh champignons and dried pine mushrooms.

Finaly, and as a bonus track, let´s go for a very nice place to enjoy some fish, shellfish and also a refreshing white wine you can go to “Iñaki” at Moreno Nº 1341.

The place that I relay like, is a Basque Restaurante, placed in the neighborhood Monserrat, and is one of the bests places to eat fish, seafood and other tasty plates of the Basque cuisine, like the Spanish omelette, rabas, and a lot of fishes, seafishn with very delicious sauces and so many other delicious things as side dish. 

The place is quiet and familiar place, attended by the owners, so you can enjoy.

I hope you´ve find useful the post, and also that you can enjoy some of the recommendations…

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