?? Homemade Argentinian Chimichurri

The Best Homemade Argentinian Chimichurri Recipe for 2018.

In this Post I will teach you how to prepare a delicious Homemade Argentinian Chimichurri, ideal to marinate and accompany all kinds of meats.

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Chimichurri is a sauce or dressing widely used along Argentine (and Latin American) cuisine, prepared with Garlic, Parsley, Oregano, Ground Pepper, Paprika, Black Pepper, Salt, Wine Vinegar and Oil.

It is used mainly to enhance the flavor of all kinds of meats, both red and white, although it can also be used to flavor salads and all kinds of garnishes.

It can also be used to marinate meats before preparing them, and fundamentally when it comes to serving our meat, whether we prepare them by roasting them on the coals, baked, grilled, etc.

Salsa Provenzal

We can prepare our Argentinian Chimichurri with fresh or dried herbs, and incorporate fresh vegetables (finely chopped) to enhance the texture and achieve tastes more consistent with the type of dish that we will accompany (according to our tastes and preferences), even combine it with other sauces and adhered, such as Creole Sauce, Provencal Sauce or Fresh Tomato Sauce.

In addition to the herbs and basic spices already mentioned, it is also usual to use other ingredients such as Rosemary, Laurel, Basil, all kinds of hot peppers, dried tomatoes, and even substitute the wine vinegar for Balsamic Acetate.

In addition to combining different ingredients, according to the type of dish we are going to prepare, it is also interesting to play with the proportions that we use of the basic ingredients, as well as the incorporation of other ingredients that are of your liking, thus balancing the taste of the preparation.

To start making this Argentinian Chimichurri, you will need the following ingredients:

Fresh Ingredients

• 50 gr. of fresh parsley.

• 5 Garlic cloves.

• A Spicy Red Pepper (optional).

• A Spicy Green Pepper (optional).

Basil (optional).

Dry ingredients

• A spoonful of Oregano.

• Two tablespoons of ground chili pepper (or hot pepper).

Black peppercorns.

• Sea salt.

• One tablespoon of Sweet or Smoked Paprika (optional).

• A Laurel leaf (optional).

Liquid ingredients

• 100 ml of olive or sunflower oil.

• 50 ml of vinegar (wine), balsamic vinegar.

Preparation of the Chimichurri:

Grind the black peppercorns in a mortar or pestle to obtain a coarse grind, or crush the peppercorns on a board with the edge of a good kitchen knife.

Place the ground pepper and the rest of the dry ingredients in a bowl or bowl of sufficient size to contain all the ingredients of our chimi churra. Incorporate a little warm water so that the seasonings are hydrated.

Wash the parsley leaves and the rest of the fresh ingredients very well: the hot peppers and, if necessary, the fresh herbs that you want to use to replace the dry condiments: oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc.

Remove excess water from the fresh products, cut the stems of the parsley, remove the seeds from the hot peppers if you want to obtain a slightly spicy flavor (you can leave them if you want a more spicy flavor), and finally chop everything together.

Remove the skin and sprout from the garlic cloves, crush or chop finely, and incorporate them into the bowl where we have the rest of the ingredients.

Add the wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar, stirring the ingredients little by little, always making sure that the final result is a relatively thick and consistent preparation.

Let all the ingredients stand for a few minutes until the salt dissolves and the ingredients are integrated together.

If you want to obtain an Argentinian Chimichurri with a softer and more liquid consistency, at this moment you can incorporate a chorizo ​​of boiling water, letting the preparation rest for a few minutes.

Pour the preparation into a container with a lid, finally add the oil, making sure that the Chimichurri has a good body and does not get too liquid (the proportion that is usually used is two parts of oil for one of vinegar), stir well, cover the bottle and save our Argentinian Chimichurri.


• If you want to obtain a more homogeneous Chimichurri, before adding the liquid elements to the preparation, you can re-chop all the dry and fresh elements, until obtaining the desired size.

• It is advisable to store the freshly prepared Chimi Churri in the refrigerator for one day so that the flavors are concentrated.

• When incorporating fresh items such as browns or cubes of tomato or onion, it is advisable to consume the Chimichurri within 48/72 hours of having prepared it, and always keep it refrigerated. Another alternative is to prepare a Creole Sauce separately with this type of fresh elements and mix it with the Chimi Churri.

• Although it is advisable to use vinegar in small quantities to barely hydrate the dry elements and give a slight touch of acidity to the preparation, in the case of preparing a Chimichurri without fresh elements, it is possible to increase the vinegar proportion (one part each five of oil) so that the preparation can last several weeks, even a month.

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