Peras Acarameladas - Toffee Pears

? Caramel Pears with Rhum

Caramel Pears with Rhum.

In this post I’m going to teach you how to prepare these exquisite Caramel Pears with Rhum!!!

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To start with this simple recipe, you will need the following Ingredients:

6 Pears.

100 grams of sugar.

Rhum (or Ron) / Water: amount needed.

Vanilla cream or vanilla dessert (optional).

Chocolate sauce to decorate (Optional).

Peras Acarameladas - Toffee Pears

Preparation of the Caramel Pears:

Turn the oven on and preheat until it reaches high temperature (approximately 10 minutes).

While the oven is preheating, peel the pears and place them inside a roasting pan.

Sprinkle the pears with the Rhum (Rum), and then sprinkle all the surface with the sugar.

Introduce the pan into the oven, which should be properly preheated, and cook the pears over gentle to moderate heat.


• If you like the Pears with a lot of caramel, after 20 minutes of cooking you can remove the pan from the oven to spray the pears with more Rhum (or Rum) or even water, and then sprinkle the pears with more sugar.

Once you have done this process, reintroduce the baked pears until the end of cooking.

Ah… This tip is also very useful if you want the sauce to have a more fluid consistency.

• You can accompany this dessert with a rich cream of vanilla, and even also with a good chocolate sauce to decorate the cream and get a much more appetizing dessert!!

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