Tips for Discovering Argentina

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Hi, I´m Galo Fernández and welcome to my amazing Tips for Discovering Argentina.

These are my best advices, so that you can know and discover all the secrets that the Argentine Republic keeps for you.

The Regions of Argentina (Geographical and Touristic).

In this post I will tell you how the Argentine Republic is divided: geographically, but specially touristically.

This will help you a lot to learn where is each place you are looking for: the province, and the Region.

You may also find so many links to the six touristic regions, so you can see photos and videos about the main attractions of each one.

Five Restaurants you should try in Buenos Aires.

In this post I will recommend the best restaurants in the City of Buenos Aires so that you can enjoy the most varied and exquisite meals.


Five regional argentine products that you should try.

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In this post I will tell you about the most characteristic regional products of the Argentine Republic.

Five Restaurants you should try in Buenos Aires.

In this post I will tell you about five picturesque wineries -from the Region of Cuyo- that you should know.

My steep by steep Cookbook

You can also take a look at may steep by steep Cookbook, with the best Typical Recipes of Argentina Regional Food!!

The Argentine Republic presents throughout its territories a great variety of climates that is manifested through its different Geographical Regions. Each one is characterized by presenting us an enticing series of typical dishes of Regional Argentine Cuisine.

From the austral lands of Patagonia to the warm subtropical climates of Northern Argentina. Descending from the high peaks of the Andes Mountains, magnificent areas of mountains, like Cuyo and also wonderful plains, until reaching a magnificent coastline, as well as a dreamed Mesopotamia, in each of these regions regions we can find magnificent dishes of Regional Cuisine Argentina, and here I bring you the best Recipes of Argentinian Food!

Argentine Nature

The Best Photos & Videos of my favorite landscapes, flowers and animal.

Discovering Argentina

The Best Photos & Videos of the most interesting places of Argentina.

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