The Argentine Provinces and Touristic Regions.

The Regions of Argentina (Geographical & Tourist)

 The Regions of Argentina.  

In this article we are going to talk about how the territory of the Argentine Republic is divided and about the Argentine Regions, especially of the Geographical and Tourist Regions.

This issue is important so that the references we make about the photographs are clear, since many criteria coexist to divide the territory of the Argentine Republic, and in turn are usually confused since according to the criterion used the same province can be considered as part Member of one or another region, and even form part of two or more regions simultaneously.

According to the aims of this website, I will begin by referring to the Geographical Regions of Argentina because I consider it to be the most comprehensive and accurate in order to condense the general characteristics of our territory, although all the references made in this Website about the Argentine Regions refer to the Tourist Regions, because it seems to me the most correct in the sense that to a certain extent it follows the guidelines of the geographical ones and it is simple because all the regions cover the whole territory of each one of the Provinces.

As for the political division of the Argentine Republic, it is composed of 24 districts: 23 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (the territory in which the Federal Capital of the Nation is located).

In my website, and especially in the maps that I have prepared to deal with the subject, referring to these 24 districts that make up the political territory of the Argentine Republic, I use the abbreviations of official use in the Argentine Republic.    

Geographical Regions (Natural) of the Argentine Republic.

The Argentine Republic - according to its particular characteristics - is divided into nine Natural Geographic Regions: 1.- Argentine Northwest (NOA), 2.- Chaco, 3.- Mesopotamia, 4.- Cuyo, 5.- Pampean Sierras, 6. - Wet Pampa, 7.- Dry Pampa, 8.- Patagonia and 9.- Antarctica and Islands of the South Atlantic.

Tourist Regions of the Argentine Republic.

In order to make it easier for readers who are not familiar with the specific characteristics to which the aforementioned classification obeys, the references made to the Regions of Argentina will be made according to the six Tourist Regions in which the same.

This criterion, although on the one hand, takes into account the particularities of proximity and geographical similarity of the provinces that make up these regions, and does so in a way that allows to take references to the provinces that make up each of these in a simpler way As part of the base fixed in the political limits of the latter.

In this way, the geographical references on the Regions of Argentina in which are located the places where the photographs have been taken, will be done as follows:

NORTH - Red: Jujuy - (JJ), Salta (ST), Catamarca (CT), Tucumán (TC), Santiago del Estero (SE) and La Rioja (LR).
PATAGONIA - Blue: La Pampa (LP), Neuquen (NQ), Rio Negro (RN), Chubut (CHB), Santa Cruz (SC) and Tierra del Fuego (TF).
CENTRO - Yellow: Córdoba (CD).
CUYO - Orange: San Juan (SJ), Mendoza (MZ), San Luis (SL).
BUENOS AIRES - Purple: Buenos Aires (PBA) and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).
LITORAL - Green: Formosa (FM), Chaco (CHC), Santa Fe (SF), Entre Ríos (ER), Corrientes (CR) and Misiones (MS).

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Now I invite you to go through the section  “Discovering Argentina” to see some photos of the beautiful provinces that make up Argentine Regions.

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