Salsa Criolla

Argentinian Creole Sauce

The Best Argentinian Creole Sauce Recipe for 2018.

In this Post I will teach you how to prepare a delicious Homemade Argentinian Creole Sauce, ideal to marinate and accompany all kinds of meats.

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The Creole Sauce, together with the Chimichurri, is a sauce or dressing, based on raw vegetables and condiments, very popular in Argentina to accompany meats and roasted achuras (like chorizo, morcilla, chinchulin, gizzard, etc).

Its main ingredients are tomato, onion and peppers (red, green and even yellow), salt, vinegar and oil, and some condiments such as pepper, ground chili, and even cumin, cilantro or parsley.

To start making this Creole Sauce recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

Fresh ingredients

• 3 round, ripe and firm tomatoes.

• 1 red bell pepper.

• 1 green or yellow bell pepper.

• 2 medium onions.

• 3 green onions (optional).

• 3 cloves of garlic (optional).

Liquid ingredients

• 50 ml Olive oil.

• 25 ml Alcohol white vinegar.

Dry ingredients

• Salt, ground pepper and pepper to taste.

• Cumin (optional).

• Cilantro or parsley (optional).

Salsa Criolla

Preparation of the Creole Sauce:

Blanch the tomatoes, then remove the skin and seeds (optional).

Cut the onions finely in Brunoise.

In a bowl dissolve the vinegar with the salt, and add the chopped onion leaving it to rest for about fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, go cutting the tomatoes in small cubes, as well as the brown ones, trying that the vegetables have an even size of about 5×5 mm.

Chop the garlic into small pieces.

Incorporate all the vegetables in a bowl, and add the seasonings along with the olive oil.

Mix the ingredients well, and let the preparation rest at least two hours before consuming it.

Tips to preserve our Creole Sauce:

• To preserve the Creole sauce, it is advisable to store it in a glass jar inside the refrigerator (or refrigerator).

• Due to the presence of fresh vegetables, it is advisable to consume the Criolla Sauce within 48/72 hours of having prepared it, and always keep it refrigerated.

• Although it is advisable to use vinegar in small quantities to barely add a touch of acidity to the preparation, it is possible to increase the vinegar ratio (one part in two oil) so that the preparation can last longer.

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