Traditional Creole Pastafrola from Argentina

Traditional Creole Pastafrola from Argentina.

In this Post I will teach you how to prepare an exquisite Creole Pastafrola stuffed with Quince and Apple Jam.

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Pastafrola is a type of cake very typical of Argentine cuisine that is prepared on the basis of a brittle dough that is filled with a layer of sweet (mainly quince or sweet potato) and covered with a lattice made with the same dough.

On this occasion, I bring you a very special recipe in which we will use as a mixed filling made from a rich quince jelly from San Juan, and a delicious homemade apple candy.

As for the quinces, although it is a plant native to south-east Asia, it has adapted excellently to the climatic conditions of the Cuyo Region, especially in the province of San Juan, where the renowned Dulce de Membrillo Rubio de San Juan is native; place where a delicious sweet quince is produced, which presents an exquisite and perfumed sweet and sour taste characteristic of this fruit.

Also, to prepare this delicious Pastaflora, we will use a delicious homemade apple candy, made with delicious apples from Patagonia Argentina, more specifically from the Rio Negro Valley, where they produce some delicious apples of the Red Delicious varieties and Gala (red apples) as well as the Granny Smith variety (green apples) which you can combine with each other in the way you want to make your own homemade apple candy, which is very easy to make.

To start making this simple recipe, you will need the following ingredients:


400 gr. of leavening flour.

150 g of butter.

2 eggs

100 gr. of sugar.

Grated lemon (or vanilla essence).


250 gr of sweet quince.

250 gr of Apple sweet.

2 or 3 tablespoons of water or sweet wine (Marsala, Jerez, Porto, etc) to dissolve the sweet.

Porción de Pastafrola

Preparation of the Creole Pastafrola:

Place the flour, lemon zest and sugar on the counter.

Add the butter cut into small cubes and thresh with your hands.

Add the eggs and combine to form a smooth bun.

Let the dough rest for one hour inside the refrigerator.

Soften the sweet with 2 or 3 tablespoons of water or sweet wine.

Stretch 2/3 of the dough and cover the pan.

Cover with the sweet.

Grill the cake.

Cook in a moderate oven.

Pastafrola de Membrillo y Manzana


• If you want to prepare your own apple candy, you will need two apples and 100 grams of sugar.

To prepare the sweet: pelá the apples and cut them in cubes. Place the apple cubes and sugar in a pot, bring to a moderate heat, and stirring periodically cook the ingredients for about half an hour, adding a little water if necessary.

• To make the Pastafrola shine, you can paint it with honey dissolved in water, or with syrup.

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